Saturday, November 19, 2016

Redneck Wedding

The wedding cake kind of says it all...

Last Saturday, Sarah and I attended the wedding reception of my friend Wyndie's son Evan and his new bride, Makiah. I really enjoy wedding receptions. Not only is it fun to celebrate the start of a brand-new marriage, but I love seeing the decor selected by the happy couple. Each reception is so individual in concept and so revealing of the bride's and groom's personalities.

This display greeted us just outside the door.

Evan and Makiah's reception was decorated in a fun western style. I couldn't wait to capture it with my camera...until I realized I forgot to grab my camera as I left my house! Thank goodness for cell phone cameras in a pinch. The quality isn't great, and I apologize for so many fuzzy shots, but I was glad to be able to get some memories of our pleasant evening.

And this one was right inside the door.

A wagon for the gifts, and a milk jug to hold the cards.
This reception was held at the same building in Snowflake where
my son Jacob and his bride Danielle had their reception in June 2014.

This was a cute idea. Guests wrote their names and a message on 
Jenga blocks and then dropped them in the bucket.

It was fairly dark in the reception hall, which was softly lit by various
candles, lanterns, and strings of lights.

Clever use of a ladder.

Fencing and seating.

Pictures from both the bride's and groom's childhoods clipped on ribbons.

Utensils wrapped in napkins were placed in wood crates.
Tortilla chips and salsa were served alongside wedding cake.

I liked the little lights on the jar vases
for table decorations.

Last, but certainly not least...the bride and groom:
Makiah and Evan!

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