Sunday, November 20, 2016

Nashville Tribute Band

The Nashville Tribute Band on November 17, 2016,
performing in Show Low, Arizona.

On Thursday night, our whole family went to a concert by our favorite LDS country group, Nashville Tribute Band. This bunch of mostly returned missionaries from various states (but now based in Nashville, TN) tours all over the country, but whenever they're in Arizona they always make time for a stop in Show Low. They's terrible popular in these here parts!

Singing their arrangement of "Feliz Navidad."

They have several albums out, including Joseph: a Nashville Tribute to the Prophet; The Work: a Nashville Tribute to the Missionaries; Trek: a Nashville Tribute to the Pioneers; and Redeemer: a Nashville Tribute to Jesus Christ. They recently released a new album called Merry: a Nashville Tribute to Christmas. In fact, this performance was a Christmas concert featuring songs from the new album. I especially loved their very creative take on the old standard, "Little Drummer Boy."

If you're looking for truly inspiring music on specific topics, I highly recommend this band. I dearly love the songs from both Joseph and The Work, and I listen to them often. I keep meaning to buy Redeemer, but I never seem to find time to stop by Book Barn, our local LDS bookstore. I imagine I'll own it by next weekend, though, since I intend to also purchase Merry to enjoy this holiday season!

Santa pays a visit, gets down with the music, and throws candy into the audience.

Watch a short clip of their final song of the least until they came out again and gave us an encore. They put on a great show! In fact, their concerts are almost like attending a musical fireside, as they share inspiring stories between musical sets. The three men who joined them during this particular song were their opening act, a trio from here in Arizona, called Three2U.

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