Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Birthday in Utah

Jacob celebrates his 26th birthday a day early in Utah.
June 25, 2017

Twenty-six years ago yesterday (June 26), my middle child, Jacob, was born. Over the years, we celebrated many birthdays together, but then Jacob grew up and moved out and got married. Then, ultimately, he and Danielle moved to another state, in a town far north of us. With a nearly-twelve-hour drive between us, we don't get to be there to celebrate with him anymore. 

I miss being with him on his birthdays (and other special times), but it's to be expected, of course. As parents, we know we've done our jobs well when our children become independent adults and make their own way in life. Even if sometimes it seems too far away.

Thank you to my sweet daughter-in-law Danielle for texting me these pictures of Jacob's birthday party on Sunday. It helps us feel like we've shared a little bit in his special day. 

We love you, Jacob!

Jacob opens a gift package sent from his parents in Arizona.

I gave Jacob a first aid kit to carry in his brand-new VW Jetta.

Lighting up the birthday cake.

Jacob blows out the candles.

Jacob tries out one of his new toys.

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