Thursday, June 8, 2017

Memorial Weekend

Jake surprises Dylan with their first anniversary gift a day early.
May 28, 2017

Our celebration of Memorial Day was a little different this year. Everyone had to work on Monday (except me), so we got together on Sunday night, as we do every Sunday, to enjoy being together and to remember those who gave all for the life we enjoy in this great nation. We grilled burgers to eat with my homemade potato salad and chips-and-dip. We also got to host my brother Darryl, who had returned from Missouri to help our dad on some projects, along with his brother-in-law Cary Dwayne (sorry if I butchered that spelling...).

It was also an opportunity to enjoy other family celebrations. Jake presented a lovely framed quote to Dylan for their first anniversary. I thought I'd taken a picture of the quote, but I guess not. Suffice it to say that a couple of people broke out singing, "Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes" when they saw it. (For the uninitiated, that's the number of minutes in a year.)

When Jake asked me to retrieve the frame from where I'd hidden it (at his request), I asked why he was giving it to Dylan a whole week early. He looked at me like I was loopy, then said, "Our anniversary is tomorrow." Wow. It took a minute for me to realize the next day really was May 29th. Where did the year go?

Speaking of years gone by, I might also note that yesterday (June 7) was Jacob and Danielle's third anniversary, and coming up next month (July 30) will be Sarah and Chris's sixth anniversary. Hard to believe!

Chris and his new Olaf mug, a belated birthday gift from Jacob and Danielle.

We also got to enjoy extended birthday and Mothers Day celebrations, since a few days earlier I'd received a box of belated presents from Jacob and Danielle in Utah. I hid the gifts in my room until we were all together to open them. Much more fun that way!

Jake with his Darth Vader/stormtrooper salt-and-pepper shakers,
a belated birthday gift from Jacob and Danielle. We all died laughing
when Dylan mused, "I wonder which one is which..."

A Mothers Day card from Sarah. She'd forgotten to bring it on Mothers Day!

A closeup of my Mothers Day gift from Jacob and Danielle. Adorable!

Also in the packaging were these candy surprises. Jacob
prefers to pack the empty space with candy rather than bubble wrap!

Thought I'd throw this one in here. Shutterfly offered me another freebie,
so I designed and ordered for myself this cool mouse pad of our 2014 trip!

Darryl replaces an outdoor faucet while Cary Dwayne watches.

Another great blessing of that day was having my "little" brother Darryl come over and do some work for me that had been badly needed for a very long time. For instance, in January 2011, when a pipe froze and burst in the wall of what was then Dylan's bedroom, my second husband capped it off but never completed the repair during the two and a half years we were together after that. Thus, for the past six years I've had no water flow for the front half of my house, a big concern when you live in forest fire-prone country.

Darryl and his bro-in-law had it all replaced in less than two hours, including the time it took to run to Lowe's for parts. Now I'm able to water my front grass again! What's left of it after all these years, anyway...

Darryl and Cary Dwayne install a storm door for me.

Then there's the matter of the storm door I bought about seven or eight years ago. Husband number two meant to install it, but it only collected cobwebs during those three years. Since then I've been unsuccessful finding someone with the skill to do the work for me. Finally, Darryl and Cary Dwayne had it up in a little over an hour, despite some issues with the incorrect placement of shims from when my new blue front door was installed back in May 2011. Darryl is extremely creative and found a way to make it work.

A few days later, Mark installed a knob and deadbolt. Now the door works perfectly, and we love being able to leave the front door open while cool air comes in through the screen and circulates through the house. It's awesome. Thank you, Darryl!

I was pleased and proud to treat both men to dinner on Friday night at Indian Pines, a restaurant at Hon-dah Casino on the Apache reservation. Cary Dwayne is a veteran who still bears scars from his time of duty. From the Carter family, a heartfelt "Thank you!" for your service!

The new storm door is awesome!!!

The best part of the holiday was, of course, having time to spend with so many members of my family. That is where my treasure is and always will be!

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