Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday Boys

Today is Jacob's 19th birthday.  In 5 days, it will be Dylan's 13th birthday.  My sons are growing up too fast!

In all the madness of getting married and traveling between states and planning a honeymoon, I somehow missed the fact that I will be gone for Dylan's birthday.  And for the 4th of July.  It makes me a little bit sad to miss these events with my family.  I've never missed them before.

They assure me that they will be fine without me.  I know it's true, and that makes me a little bit sad, too.  It also makes me proud of them.

So we celebrated both boys' birthdays today, exchanging gifts, sharing an ice cream cake, and having our traditional birthday dinner at El Rancho.  It was fun to have Ed join us this year.  (Sarah was with us, too, but she was behind the camera.)

Jacob, we told you not to say "Schuster!"

Now the boys are off at the lake with their cousins, having what they consider to be their real birthday celebration, while Ed and I are madly trying to finish packing for our honeymoon cruise to Alaska.  Suitcases, tote bags, toiletries, stacks of clothes, and other personal items are strewn across the bed. Slowly, slowly, it's all coming together.

We'll be up at 4:00 in the morning, ready to drive away at 5:00 so we can arrive at my sister Karla's house in Mesa by 8:00.  She'll drive us to Sky Harbor Airport so we can make our 10:00 flight from Phoenix to Seattle.  I'm a bit nervous, but I'm so excited!

If everything goes as planned, I intend to blog each day of our cruise.  If you're interested in the sights of the inside passage on the way to Alaska, stay tuned!  

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Jill Shelley said...

I am so excited you are taking us all with you on your cruise. I can't wait to read all about it. I hope you take pictures of the food, along with everything else. I've never been on a cruise but Ive often wondered what it would be like. Have a wonderful honeymoon!!