Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Farewell, Wyoming

That's it.  We're all packed up and ready to head out bright and early tomorrow.

We were up to our elbows in boxes, but members of Ed's ward at church showed up in the evening and made short work of  carrying the boxes and furniture out to the trailer, where Ed supervised the loading.  (My husband is almost as OCD as I am!)  It was all done within 3 hours. 

Here they are loading the quad.  Dylan is quite happy that the four-wheeler is heading toward home tomorrow!

My first visit to Wyoming has been quite an adventure!  While I'm most excited to be back in our permanent home in Arizona, there are many things I'll miss about Wyoming and northern Colorado.  Here are a few photos of our memories of the area:

This is a view from Caryl's front yard.  This is a land of wide skies, vast grasslands, rocky ridges, bison and cattle, and old homesteads surrounded by prairie.

Right now these little yellow flowers are growing profusely along the roads and throughout the grasslands.  They make me a little bit homesick for our similar yellow flowers blooming throughout the White Mountains of home.

This is the view along the highway between Caryl's house in northern Colorado and Ed's place in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  This is very typical of the scenery for hundreds of miles around.  It's usually very windy.

I grew up with that old song about "where the deer and the antelope play," but I never saw an antelope until I came here.  They are everywhere!  Antelope are much tinier than I imagined, and they blend well into the landscape.  Ed and Dylan made a game out of who could be first to see one of these tiny animals in the surrounding prairie, and Dylan became very good at spying them from great distances.

Ed's apartment was just a few blocks from downtown, and his neighborhood was filled with these stately old homes that I love.  Red brick was obviously very popular once upon a time, but there are a lot of other great styles, like the curlicues and gingerbread adornments on the old Victorian homes.  This particular house was right next door to Ed's building.
Farewell, Wyoming, the home of my sweetheart!  You'll always have a special place in my heart!

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Jill said...

'where seldom is heard, a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day...' I grew up with the 'Home on the Range' song too. Now that I mentioned it to Dennis I can hear him singing it from the other room :)

So he's a spiffy packer too like you huh? I was just telling Den the other night how organized you are and how I hoped Ed is too.