Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Never Say "Schuster"

The following is a public service announcement.

For the public’s safety and protection, it is imperative that all citizens understand that there are some words that must NOT be used to elicit a smile from persons posing for photographs. Repeat: there are some words that must NEVER be uttered by persons posing for photographs.

Try not to be frightened upon viewing the photograph displayed below. The well-meaning but misguided photographer decided to depart from the traditional wisdom of asking the posees to mouth such words as, “cheese,” “money,” or “my dad has stinky feet.” Please note that each of these words and phrases end with the long “ee” sound, thus arranging the mouth into something approximating a smiling position.

No, this unwise photographer thought it might be more fun to ask the posees—two young females attending a baseball game in late April—to speak the name of a young, popular, attractive (aka “hot”) male character from the young ladies’ favorite television series, Glee, thus personalizing the shot.

The resulting photograph is, to say the least, shocking. View it at your own peril.

Sarah and Emmi. Enough said.

You were warned. Never, never say, “Schuster.”


Mary said...

Just so you know, Sarah gave her permission for me to use this photo. We both think it is hilarious. I simply cannot look at it without bursting into peals of laughter, until tears are running down my cheeks. I mean it. Never say "Schuster"!

Jill said...

I had never even thought about why they have you say cheese or money. Now I know!!!! :))

LORI said...