Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Hubby Is Home

31 Aug 2011: Dylan (age 14) gets pointers from Ed on operating a tractor.

Ed and his mom got back in town around 1:00 this morning.  They were both very happy to be back home and sleeping in their own beds again.  Unfortunately, both of them were also extremely achy and tired all day today after the 15-hour drive home.  They were hauling such a heavy load that it took 3 hours longer to get home than usual.

31 Aug 2011: Ed and Dylan check out the tractor still loaded on the trailer.

As for me, I'm very happy to have my husband back again.  Hearing his voice on the phone several times a day is not quite as nice as being able to touch and hold and kiss each other.  I'm also glad to turn the chickens and the garden back over to his quite capable hands!

It's nice to be a family again. With Jacob away serving as an LDS missionary in northern California and Sarah newly married and living with her husband Chris, it felt a little strange to have just Dylan and me in the house.

31 Aug 2011: Dylan (second from right) and other Boy Scouts receive awards.

Ed's return was perfect timing.  Tonight we were all able to attend Dylan's Boy Scout Court of Honor.  Even Sarah came to join us and see Dylan get his awards and his rank advancement to Star Scout.  All he has left is Life Scout and then Eagle Scout, probably in the next year.

31 Aug 2011: Dylan (age 14) prepares to pin his Star emblem on his mom's sleeve.

31 Aug 2011: Dylan and his mom Mary.
(He's gotten so tall, 5'11" and he just turned 14 two months ago!)

Aren't families great?  Being a wife and a mom is just plain awesome!

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Grandma Honey said...

And he made it in time for your birthday!! Hope you have a very happy one!!!!