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Slides: Eddie and Kay Get Married

3 Aug 1957: The newlyweds cut the cake on their wedding day.
Edward Reynolds Sr. (almost 21) and his bride Caryl Busby Reynolds (age 22)
enjoy the first of their two wedding receptions.

After being engaged for a year and a half, Eddie Sr. and "Kay" were finally married.  They had both graduated from college, were gainfully employed (Eddie Sr. was running the family farm with his dad), and were ready to be together full-time.

They got married in Canandaigua, New York, which was Caryl's hometown, and that same evening they had a big wedding reception.  Soon after that they left on their honeymoon, which will be featured in my next post.

Late August 1957: Eddie Sr. and "Kay" attend their second reception.

Caryl tells me their honeymoon was cut short due to some new farm machinery that Eddie Sr. was nervous about leaving in the care of his father, Willard, whom both Caryl and Ed have described to me as a "hammer mechanic" (meaning if something didn't work right, he hit it with a hammer until it did).

After their return, Eddie Sr. and "Kay" held another reception at the old Episcopalian Church in Franklinville, New York, for Eddie's community.  Most of the photos in this post come from the second reception.  I only found two slides from the first one. 

July 1957: Caryl Busby, age 22, at one of her two bridal showers.

Looking back, Caryl wonders if she made the right decision, putting off their wedding for so long at her parents' insistence.  But she was a dutiful daughter, and everything obviously worked out for the best.  Eddie and Kay were married for 52 years before he passed away.  I'd call that a success!
Late August 1957: Caryl and Eddie's Wedding Rings.

Late August 1957: Caryl Busby Reynolds, the beautiful bride (age 22).
I think her dress is simply gorgeous!

Late August 1957: Edward Reynolds, Sr., the handsome bridegroom.
He was almost 21 years old at this time.

One of the cool things about weddings is the way they bring families together in celebration.  Through their wedding pictures I got to see many family members I might not otherwise have "met."  Here are a few of them: 

Late August 1957: Two of Caryls' bridesmaids were her new sisters-in-law,
Lucy and Edith Reynolds, ages 15 and 18.

Late August 1957: Two of Caryls' bridesmaids were her sisters,
Dorothy and Virginia ("Ginny") Busby, ages 23 and 20.
I think Dorothy was already married and was therefore the "Matron of Honor." 

Late August 1957: All four of Caryls' bridesmaids together:
Virginia ("Ginny") and Dorothy Busby, and Edith and Lucy Reynolds.

Late August 1957: Caryls' little brother, Harold Busby Jr. (age 5),
known at that time as Hallie,  but known later as Ed's Uncle Hal.
He is only 8 years older than his nephew, my husband Ed.

Late August 1957: Caryl's parents, Margaret and Harold Busby.

Late August 1957: The Bride and Groom with their parents:
Harold and Margaret Busby; Caryl and Eddie Reynolds; Marian and Willard Reynolds.

Late August 1957: Ed's Great-Grandmother Lois "Sonny" Reynolds
at the Franklinville reception (the second reception).

Lois Reynolds was the mother of Ed's grandfather, Willard Reynolds.  When Willard's son Eddie was born, she used to call him "Sonny."  Being a youngster who didn't know any better, he called her "Sonny," too.  Somehow the nickname stuck and she was forever after known as Sonny among her family.

3 August 1957: Ed's Great-Grandmother Lois "Sonny" Reynolds
visits at the first reception in Canandaigua, New York.

July 11 or 12, 1954: This is Ed's Aunt Lucy (age 11 or 12) with
her grandmother Lois "Sonny" Reynolds in front of "Sonny's" house. 

I don't know when this picture was taken, but
it's the only picture of Caryls' maternal grandmother I found.
This is Esther Cook, another of Ed's Great Grandmothers.

After 52 years together, it's no wonder Caryl misses her husband so very much.  Yet she takes great comfort in the knowledge that they will be together again one day, that God has an eternal plan for families.  Families are forever!

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