Thursday, August 25, 2011

Slides: Adirondack Honeymoon

August 1957:  Edward Reynolds, Sr., almost 21 years old.

Soon after they were married, Eddie Sr. and "Kay" went on their honeymoon in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York.  They camped, hiked, canoed, and saw the sights.  Eddie Sr. took along his camera, of course, and he shot three rolls of film.  Lots of gorgeous scenery.

August 1957: Edward Reynolds, Sr., almost 21 years old.

August 1957:  Caryl Busby Reynolds, age 22.

August 1957:  Caryl (age 22) prepares a meal.  Notice the sunburnt legs!

While canoing in her short shorts, Caryl badly burned her thighs.  To this day, she remembers the pain of that sunburn!

August 1957: Beautiful scenery in Adirondack State Park.

I put these pictures on a DVD so I could show them to Caryl and see if she could remember the places they went, but most of them brought only vague memories.  I've gone online to search for other peoples' pictures of these places, trying to match them up and come up with a location, but I've had only limited success so far. 

August 1957

Caryl thought this might be Bridal Falls near Allegany State Park, but so far I've been unable to confirm that.

August 1957

August 1957

I was able to find lots of information on "Enchanted Forest of the Adirondacks" in Old Forge, New York, which opened in 1956.  At that time it was mostly made up of a series of houses featuring themes from nursery rhymes and fairy tales, like the one below from Little Red Riding Hood.  (Those types of things used to fascinate me when I was young.  I think I recall something similar at Roeding Park in Fresno, CA, where I grew up.)

August 1957: The Big Bad Wolf at the Enchanted Forest.

The theme park expanded over the years, almost doubling in size and adding thrill rides.  Today it is called Enchanted Forest Water Safari, with many, many water rides.

August 1957: Caryl and Eddie Sr. are locked up, but not sure where!

I don't know whether the old western town in these pictures was also a part of the Enchanted Forest.  Ed thinks it might have been.  I couldn't find references to any western theme parks in Adirondack State Park. 

August 1957: Caryl at the western town.

August 1957: Eddie Sr. indulges his passion for trains somewhere along the way.

August 1957: Caryl Reynolds, age 22.

Caryl thought she remembered these dinosaurs, but they didn't turn out to be where she thought they were.  You'd think the location of dinosaurs would be easy to pinpoint, but I can't find a mention of them anywhere!

August 1957: Eddie Reynolds Sr, age almost 21.

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