Friday, August 26, 2011

Slides: A Family Grows

Autumn 1957:  Caryl Reynolds (age 22) in her first home as a newlywed.

Ed's parents, Eddie Sr. and Caryl, began their life together living in a camper trailer. It was only for a few months, and then they moved into the smaller, older home down the road on the Reynolds Family Farm.

Spring 1958: Caryl (age 22) appears to be expecting a bundle of joy!

It didn't take them long to begin building a family.  Just 11 months after their wedding, they welcomed their first child, a daughter.

1958: Caryl (age 23) and her baby girl, Margaret.

Eddie and Caryl's firstborn, Ed's older sister, was born in July 1958.  She was named Margaret after her maternal grandmother, Caryl's mother.

1960: 2-year-old Margaret and her mother, Caryl (age 25),
who is expecting her second baby, my husband Ed.

Margaret enjoyed the status of "only child" for about two years and two months before she was joined by the first of four younger siblings.

September 1960: Edward Jr. joins the world.

My husband Ed, named Edward Jr. after his father, was born in September 1960 on his dad's 24th birthday.  As I may have mentioned a time or two, we share the same birthday, September first!  Wasn't he a beautiful baby?  His eyes were already a definite shade of brown, even as a newborn.

Autumn 1960- A family of four: Mom Caryl (age 25),
baby Ed Jr., Dad Ed Sr. (age 24), and Margaret (age 2).

Autumn 1960: Mother and son, Caryl and Ed Jr.

1 Sept 1961: Ed Jr. celebrates his first birthday.
3-year-old Margaret really seems to be eying that birthday cake!

1 Sept 1961: Ed Jr. celebrates his first birthday.  What a cutie!

Autumn 1961: Dad Ed Sr. (age 25), baby Lisa, Margaret (age 3),
Ed Jr. (maybe 14-15 months old), and Mom Caryl (age 26).

About a week after Ed Jr. celebrated his first birthday, his parents gave him a big surprise: a new baby sister.  Their third child, Ed's younger sister Lisa, was born in September 1961.

Spring 1962: Ed Jr., Lisa, and Margaret.

1962: Caryl Reynolds (age 26 or 27) still looks great after 3 children!

Down the road, there were still two more children to join the family and more adventures to be had, but I'm going to take a break from the Reynolds family slides and share some current family events for awhile.  I hope you've enjoyed getting to know my new family-by-marriage.  I promise to return one day with more growing-up pictures of my husband and his siblings!

Bonus Picture: Caryl's parents, Harold (age 44) and Margaret Busby,
celebrate their 25th anniversary sometime between July and October 1958.

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Grandma Honey said...

I'm surprised back in especially 1957-58 they had colored film. Ours were all black and whites back then.

I miss the "old style" maternity clothes. I think they were so much prettier!