Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Photos I Forgot

20 July 2011: Our dad Myron (age 76) with his oldest child (that's me, Mary, age 56)
and his youngest child, my brother Darryl (age 48).  In all, there are five of us siblings.

July was quite a busy month, planning for my daughter's wedding and all.  So busy, in fact, that I forgot to do a post on our visits with faraway family!  So here they are, without further ado!

My youngest brother Darryl came all the way from his home in Missouri with his wife and daughter to visit us for several days.  I hadn't seen them since our trip to Missouri in July 2009, so it had been two whole years!
20 July 2011: Darryl with his firstborn (my niece Brittany, age 22) and his wife Tamera.

20 July 2011: My nephew Justin (age 27) and his 3-year-old son Aiden,
otherwise known as "Bubba," stopped by to visit with Darryl's crew on their last night in town.

The morning after these pictures were taken, Darryl, Tamera, and Brittany headed back to Missouri.  That same morning, Ed and I loaded into our car with Sarah and her then-fiance Chris and headed to the Valley to finish up our wedding shopping.
21 July 2011: My brother LeRoy (age 52) with his wife Lori,
their son Nate (age 15) and their daughter Katie (age 13). 
I'm not sure what's up with my brothers and their closed eyes in these pictures!

While we were there, we arranged a visit at the home of my brother LeRoy, the number two child of us siblings.  I hadn't seen his family since our 2009 Christmas party (they were ill and unable to make it to the 2010 party), so it had been a whole year-and-a-half!  After our visit, we all went out together for Mexican food at Chevy's.  I almost forgot to take pictures, so we took some in the mall parking lot!
I might add, these were the first opportunities for these two brothers to meet my new husband!

21 July 2011: Chris and Sarah (ages 33 and 21) with Sarah's dad, Mark (age 43).

Speaking of meeting people, Chris hadn't yet met his new father-in-law-to-be, so while we were in Mesa we stopped by to let Chris and Sarah spend some time with Sarah's dad, Mark.  They seemed to hit it off well, but Mark always was easy to get along with.

While we're on the topic of family photos, here are some fun pictures of Jeff and Dana's youngest 8 (of 13!) kids.  These were taken sometime in June.

June 2011: My nephews Marcus and Burke (ages 19 and 15)
are the two youngest of my brother Jeff's five sons.
Marcus is now serving an LDS mission in the Argentina Resistencia Mission!

June 2011: The ladies, my nieces (the youngest six of Jeff and Dana's eight daughters).
Standing in back: Elsie and Haley (ages 17 and 10).
In front: Emma, Hayden, Callie, and Brinley (ages 12, 9, 4, and 7).

June 2011: My miracle niece Callie Jayne, 4 years old.

June 2011: The whole group together!

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