Friday, October 7, 2011

First Snow

Today we had our first snow of the season.  It wasn't a huge snow and the temperature stayed bearable, around 40 degrees, so it wasn't much to brag on.  Nonetheless, after 21 winters here in the White Mountains, I still find there's something magical about that first snow.

7 Oct 2011: My little red Vibe in the school parking lot this morning.

There was some light snowfall still going on when I drove home from school, but most of the snow came down while I was at work, heavily at times.  That's why these pictures were taken at school.  As you can see, the sun came back out and not much snow accumulated.  Not even after more clouds rolled in and more snow fell. 

I took my pictures during the long breaks between classes, since today was the last day of the first quarter and we were on the midterm exams schedule.  On my way back to my classroom, I found these art students painting a mural on the wall outside the orchestra/choir/theater classroom.  Pretty cool, huh?  

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