Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Silver Sisters

The table at the entrance to the luncheon set the Halloween theme.

Once a month, the women's organization of our church--the Relief Society--puts on a Silver Sisters luncheon for the, shall we say, more experienced ladies in our ward.  No one is really sure what constitutes a "Silver Sister."  When I asked around, some said they thought it was reaching the age of 60, some thought it was 55, and a few thought it might even be 50.  However, everyone agreed that no one really cared.  Just come and enjoy!

11 Oct 2011 - The ladies at my table: Eileen, Susan, Carol, Elenna,
Caryl (my mom-in-law), and my buddy Gwen.  (That's from left to right.)

I've never even thought about attending the luncheon since I work every day during the week.  However, my mother-in-law has been attending the luncheons, so I decided to join her there this morning.  After all, I am 57 years old now and, although there's not much silver in my hair yet, I am certainly "experienced"!

The ghostly decorations at our table.  And chocolate, too!

The timing worked out well since this was Fall Break weekend, giving me 4 days off.  I got to spend the morning raking leaves and pine needles from the front yard with my children.  Tomorrow I go back to work and start the second quarter of our first semester.

Adorable toads-in-a-cauldron decorations at another table.

More cute decorations at another table.

Even dessert was decorated with tiny colored fall leaves.  Adorable!

I cannot wait till I can retire and have my days free to participate in these types of activities!  Ed and I are plotting together in hopes that I'll be able to retire when Dylan graduates in 2016.  I just might be able to bear 4 more years of teaching!

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Grandma Honey said...

What a great RS you have to put this on every month. Too bad we aren't in the same ward. We went to seminary together so why not the Silver Sisters luncheon?? Life sure is going by quickly.