Sunday, February 23, 2014

All Roads Lead to the Temple

At the Snowflake Temple on 22 Feb 2014: In front, Sarah and Chris. 
In back, Danielle and Jacob, and Shera and Ryan.

Okay, I suppose that's not strictly true, but lately it seems that our road keeps leading us to a temple. Last night we ended a great day with a sweet visit to our local temple, the Snowflake Temple.

Shera, Mary, and Sarah at the Women's Conference

We ladies started our day at the church, attending workshops at a Women's Conference put on by the Pinetop-Lakeside Stake. We enjoyed workshops on "Marriage is a Battlefield" (and how to defend it), "The Eden model of Parenting," "Receiving Personal Revelation," and "Keeping Our Spiritual Reserves Full."

We'd have invited Danielle to join us, but she and Jacob both had the day off from their jobs, so they spent the day in Snowflake, working on their wedding plans.

Beautifully decorated tables for the luncheon.

Our Stake Presidency (Presidents Shumway, Jensen, and Beeler) and the brethren of the Stake High Council prepared a wonderful lunch for all the ladies and served us. We enjoyed delicious pulled pork barbecue with baked potatoes, salad, and chocolate chip cookies.

Chris and Sarah at Red Onion in Heber-Overgaard.

Later that evening, the three couples in our family decided to have a group date, making the 45-minute drive to the tiny town of Heber-Overgaard to eat at a popular restaurant there, the Red Onion. Jacob and Danielle drove there from Snowflake to meet the rest of the group. It was only a 30-minute drive for them.

Danielle and Jacob at Red Onion in Heber-Overgaard.

Since Dylan and I were going to be left home alone, I thought the two of us could go out to dinner someplace closer to home. But then, at the last minute, he got invited to a party for a friend's girlfriend's sister's friend. (!!!) 

Shera and Ryan at Red Onion in Heber-Overgaard.

So Dylan left, and I figured I'd just go out to dinner by myself. I was single until I was 34, so eating out alone doesn't bother me. But my kids insisted that I join them on their date, saying they couldn't bear to think of me eating out alone. Almost made me cry!  

Jacob, Ryan, and Shera play some pool at the Red Onion after dinner.

Thus I got to join in on the fun, and get some great pictures of my six kids (all but #7 Dylan), to boot. We had a yummy meal with good company at the Red Onion, and after dinner Jacob, Ryan, and Shera decided to play a game of pool.

Ryan and Chris watch Shera play some pool at the Red Onion after dinner.

They were surprised when they all had to show ID before they were allowed to play, since the pool table is located in the bar. Everyone was legal to be in the bar area: Chris is 35, Shera is 30, Ryan is 29, Sarah is 24, Jacob is 22, and I am . . . well, never mind about that! So everyone was legal. Everyone, that is, except the baby of the group, Danielle, who's only 20! So Sarah and Danielle waited at our table while the oldsters made it a quick game and I took pictures.

Shera, Ryan, Danielle, and Jacob walk around the grounds of the Snowflake Temple.

Jacob and Danielle suggested that we all drive back to Snowflake to visit the temple there. We were all willing, especially Ryan and Shera, who had only seen the Snowflake Temple from a distance once when we drove by on the highway through town.

Angel Moroni atop the Snowflake Temple.

This particular temple is special to me, because this is where Ed and I were sealed to each other on May 21, 2011, and where we were sealed to all three of my children on November 24, 2012, soon after Jacob came home from his mission in California. Despite the pending divorce, I'll always love my husband and hope we'll be companions in the eternities when all is said and done. 

Ryan and Shera in the fountain at the Snowflake Temple.

The Snowflake Temple will become even more sacred to us as the place where all my children were sealed to their eternal companions. Sarah and Chris were married there on July 30, 2011. Jacob and Danielle will be married there this coming June. And Ryan and Shera plan to be sealed there in January 2015.

Sarah and Chris in the fountain at the Snowflake Temple.

Jacob and Danielle in the fountain at the Snowflake Temple.

It was the most wonderful ending to an amazing day!

Young lovers!

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