Sunday, February 2, 2014

Food, Friends, Football, Food, Fun, and Food

And did I mention there was food?

I've never hosted a Super Bowl party before. Never. I'm not into sports at all. Oh, I occasionally enjoy watching some figure skating and gymnastics, but organized manly-man sports? No, thank you.

Sarah gets into her dessert!

So I've always sent my former husbands off to celebrate the Big Game with their friends, where the testosterone could flow freely. And I'd spend a quiet evening at home.

Shera takes a dainty bite.

For my new daughter-in-law, Shera, though, she'll take any excuse to throw a party, especially one with food. Lots of food.

Danielle gets into the spirit!

So we ended up with a house full of 10 people and had a great time. Although Jacob had to work both of his jobs today, even he was able to come home for 30 minutes between jobs and snuggle briefly during the game with his girlfriend.

The ladies: Shera and Danielle in front, with Sarah in back.

None of us ladies care much about football. For us, it was a time to enjoy friends and family and food. We also liked watching the new commercials, and the half-time show was actually pretty good this year. Simplified, compared to most technologically nightmarish years of the past. 

Ryan, Kyle, Marcus, and Mary relax in front of the TV.

Most of the guys had high hopes for the Denver Broncos to win. They had a bad night. I won't mention who I was cheering for, but I will say that I was usually the only one in the room pumping my fist in the air and shouting, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

The rest of the gang: Ryan, Dylan, and Brandon.

My son-in-law Chris had to work, but I'm sure he's walking on air since his favored team, the Seattle Seahawks, won the game by a wide margin.

Shera outdid herself (with some help from Ryan) on a variety of game foods. She spent hours in the kitchen. There was so much food that we were all uncomfortably stuffed, yet there was still tons of food left.

Dylan, Ryan, Danielle, and Brandon enjoy the feast.
(Ryan was trying to, er, dissuade Dylan from eating too many the chips.
I'm sure he was only concerned for Dylan's welfare, not his own share of the food!)

We measured Dylan tonight. He's now 6'3"!

We had chicken strips with barbecue sauce or ranch dressing, 
as well as Shera's famous homemade onion rings . . .

. . . and baked potato skins with cheese, ham, and green onion . . .

. . . and tortilla chips with . . .

. . . Shera's homemade Ro-tel/Velveeta cheese dip with chunks of chicken . . .

. . . and a chocolate-cherry dump cake topped with chopped almonds for dessert!

I still don't care for football, but I find I really do like a good Super Bowl party!

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