Friday, February 28, 2014

Motley Crew

Left-to-right: Jacob, Ryan, Shera, Chris, Sarah, and Dylan.

On Tuesday night we all went out to dinner at China Wok. Partly to celebrate Ryan and Shera's new jobs, partly because we all love China Wok, and maybe mostly because everyone was too tired to do any cooking, now that we're all working!

Taking us all out to eat is to risk humiliation. Note Dylan's intelligent expression and Jacob's toothy grin made up of chewed food. During the course of the meal, Dylan put salt in Sarah's soda (she didn't notice) and followed Ryan into the bathroom to snap a picture of him in front of the urinal. (No, I'm not posting it, so don't ask.) Shera passed one of her peel-and-eat shrimps to Jacob across my plate, and one of the little critter's legs fell into my food. I never found it, and I still cringe to think I may have ingested it. Sarah got to giggling and couldn't stop, which made us all laugh uproariously. Many good-natured insults were flung back and forth across the table. I spent a lot of time saying, "That's not appropriate" and "Put that salt shaker down." It was a typical night out for the Carter/Reynolds brood!

We are a group of assorted oddities. And I make no apologies for us. Well, except maybe to the demure little Chinese employee who handed us our check with a polite expression that plainly said, "Please get out of our restaurant."

This is my family, and I love each and every unique one of them! I'm so grateful they are mine!

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