Monday, February 17, 2014

Sweet Valentine Revenge

15 Feb 2014: Shera keeps a lookout for Danielle, 
in case she comes out of the store on break.

After Danielle "heart-attacked" Jacob's car on the night of Valentine's Day, he knew he had to step up or forever acknowledge having been bested in the romance department by his new fiance. So Jacob and his two "partners in crime of passion," Ryan and Shera, sneaked over to Walmart while Danielle was working on Saturday night.

This shot came from Danielle's camera after she discovered Jacob's surprise later that night.
I "borrowed" it from her Facebook page. Whatever did we do before cell phone cameras?

They had a great time decorating her car with belated-Valentine messages. Does anyone doubt that these two, Jacob and Danielle, are crazy about each other?

I see that I need to teach my son the difference between "your" and "you're."
Oh, the woes of being an English teacher's child. But it's the thought that counts!

You may notice that Danielle's car (her mom's car, actually) looks very much like mine.
In a funny coincidence, we both drive red Pontiac Vibes, 
although her model is a year or two newer than mine.

I love the party hat on the antenna. Nice touch!

 I borrowed this shot from Danielle, too. Jacob's picture of the back window was too blurry.
I think we can tell which parts were written by Jacob and which by Shera's fancy hand, 
but every word came straight from Jacob's heart!

Jacob left Danielle this beautiful, romantic card with the car.
The verse inside:

You're the only one I love, the one I'm always thinking of,
The one who will forever be the one and only love for me.

Whatever he wrote inside is unknown to me,
but it made Danielle happy and shall remain between the two of them.

Please don't get the idea that the rest of us ignored Valentines Day. My simple tradition over the years is to buy those cute little $1.00 heart-shaped boxes of chocolates for my children. Since the number of my children and their significant others have increased in recent months, I bought a record number of 7 candy boxes this year!

Like Jacob and Danielle, Ryan and Shera exchanged their gifts on Monday. She gave him a shiny new 2014 fishing license. He gave her a lovely bracelet and a cute purple owl she named "Hoot." Shera is very into owls. Chris cooked Sarah a special dinner, which she tells me was delicious. The rumor is that Sarah's gift to Chris involved some lingerie . . . and I hear he really appreciated it!

It was a little hard to be single for Valentines Day this year. I do miss my husband. (He's not my ex, not yet.) Nonetheless, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by family who care about me. 

On Saturday Sarah came by with a bag full of those little $1 heart-shaped candy boxes for everyone. Everyone except me. Oh, don't be sad. She knows I'm struggling to get back to eating right and losing weight now that the holidays are long past. So she brought me a box of the new Atkins low-carb peanut M&Ms (my favorite candy) and one of my favorite movies, The Time Traveler's Wife

She knows how to make me feel loved!

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