Sunday, May 11, 2014

Danielle's Bridal Shower

10 May 2014: Danielle opens Sarah's gift of pink bathroom accessories.

On Saturday afternoon, Sarah and I drove to Snowflake to be a part of Danielle's bridal shower, hosted by a friend from their ward at church, Wanda. It was all done up in Danielle and Jacob's favorite colors of pink and blue, with delicious refreshments also in that color scheme. We met a lot of nice ladies from Danielle's ward and had a wonderful time visiting.

We began, of course, with the opening of gifts. 

Danielle reacts to my gift of lingerie.

The ladies of my family know it's my tradition to give sexy lingerie as a bridal shower gift. I'd warned Danielle a couple of weeks ago, so it was with great trepidation that she opened my gift bag. When she pulled out the soft pink nightie top and shorty sleep shorts (on the arm of the chair in the picture above), she was relieved and said, "That's not so bad."
Then I told her, "You haven't seen the part Jacob picked out yet." Uh-oh. She dug into the bottom of the bag and pulled out the hot pink-and-black lace push-up bra and panties that had caught Jacob's eye as we walked through the store. "Mom, get her this!" he exclaimed. So I did.
"I'm gonna kick Jake's butt!" Danielle vowed, laughing.

Here are a bunch of shots of Danielle opening her gifts. I'm including them all because my future daughter-in-law is just so darn adorable!

Our hostess, Wanda, made this gorgeous necklace with her own hands!

This is a collection of recipes from the sisters in their ward.
And behind Danielle is our hostess, Wanda,
busily jotting down a list of the gifts and the givers.

Guests at the shower. Doesn't Sarah (far left) look great?
She's lost over 22 lbs and it shows! I'm so proud of my daughter!
She didn't even cheat at the party! (Wish I could say the same...)

More guests at the party. Danielle's mom, Julie, is in yellow at far left.
Danielle's lovely sister Jordan is in the blue shirt.

The refreshments were yummy! I brought some home for Jacob.

Danielle and her brother Sterling in front of their house,
a mere 10 minutes before the bridal shower.

Today was extra-special for Danielle for another reason, as well. Her older brother Sterling returned from his 2-year, full-time mission in Indiana this week, flying back to Utah on Tuesday. On this afternoon, Danielle was finally reunited with her big brother.

Danielle's parents and her siblings, Nathan and Jordan, drove to Salt Lake City to pick up Sterling and drive him home after spending a few days visiting relatives in Utah, where Danielle's family is originally from. However, poor Danielle was stuck here, having to work--especially since she'll be taking a week off to get married and go on a honeymoon soon. Jacob says his heart broke when he saw tears rolling down his fiance's face at work on the day her family was meeting Sterling's plane.

When Sarah and I arrived at Danielle's house so we could follow her to the location of the shower, her family had just arrived home from Utah. They hadn't even gotten out of the car yet. Talk about timing! So we were there to see Danielle come flying out of the house and leap into Sterling's arms. It was so sweet. Now he's home in time for both of his sisters' big events: Jordan's high school graduation and Danielle's wedding.

Welcome home, Sterling!

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