Saturday, May 10, 2014

Home Hunters

Jacob and Danielle in the kitchen of their prospective first home.
10 May 2014

This morning I got to join in the fun of checking out a small, older-model mobile home with Jacob and Danielle. Despite its cozy size and age, they really liked it for a starter home. It is well maintained, has tons of storage space, and is located on its own fenced property here in town, so they'll be close to work. And the price is right for a couple just starting out.

This big sun room runs the entire length of the house.

If they can raise the necessary funds over the next 6 months, Jacob and Danielle may be moving to Idaho in December for Danielle to finish college, so they may not live here for more than 6 months anyway.

It's a cute little place, with a Christmas tree in the front yard!
Gotta love the barbed wire on top of the fence.
We really do live in a safe little rural town, I promise!
So they filled out the application and turned it in already. We'll know within a week if they were approved (no reason they wouldn't be since Jacob has built up some good credit), and then they can start moving in around June 1st. The wedding is on June 7th, exactly 4 weeks from today! The reality is truly beginning to set in!

The next big item on today's agenda is Danielle's bridal shower in Snowflake this afternoon. Looking forward to it!

I went shopping for her gift last night and met up with Jacob, who had definite input into my selection. I won't divulge what the gift is, except to say it involves the color pink. As you can see, the card and packaging are pink. Or am I referring to the gift itself? Or will it be the color Danielle turns when she opens the gift? Or will it be all three? Stay tuned to find out!

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Grandma Honey said...

I'll be checking back to see if they get this. I'd love to see the rest of it. I've always loved mobile homes….probably because my Grandma use to live in one.