Thursday, May 29, 2014

In Search of the Perfect Invitation Photo

8 Mar 2014: Danielle and Jacob at Woodland Park

Now that the wedding invitations have been sent out, I can share these pictures I took of Jacob and Danielle at Woodland Park one day, hoping that a few would come out well enough to be used on their wedding invitation. In the end, they selected three of them (they're the three in the bottom right corner of the invitation).
The rest of the photos on the invitation were taken by Danielle's father a week or two later. He did a nice job. I especially like the one where he captured Jacob with a big grin. My handsome son rarely shows his teeth in pictures, so I particularly love that shot!

And so, here are a dozen more pictures of the cute couple in the creative poses we dreamed up along the way. Enjoy!

Jacob's silly kissy-face makes Danielle crack up!

I said, "Jacob, kiss the tip of her nose."
Jacob said, "Her nose? Ewwww!"

They are just so dang adorable together!

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