Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dylan's Final Concerts

May 13, 2014: Dylan and his bass were center stage this time.

Last night we attended Dylan's final performance with the Blue Ridge High School Orchestra. Today his counselor and I completed his 2014-15 schedule for his junior year, and orchestra simply won't fit. Besides that, Dylan has been telling me for months that he's ready to try something new. So he signed up for Band, which Ms. D will be teaching 7th period, after the regular 6-period school day.
He hasn't decided which instrument to tackle yet. So far he's been able to pick up any instrument with ease, including violin, viola, cello, bass, flute, and drums. He'd go far if he had the self-discipline needed to put in the practice time required for greatness. He's quite talented but restless musically. For a time he even thought about being a music teacher. Now it's video game designer.
It was a wonderful concert. Kudos to all the performers!
March 11, 2014: Dylan tries out his sister's blingy flip-flops
before his spring concert begins.

Which reminds me that I never posted the pictures from his spring concert, so here they are. The spring concert was formal, whereas last night's was informal: jeans and tennis shoes.

Dylan on bass (at right) during the spring concert performance.

March 11, 2014: Mary, Dylan, Sarah, and Chris
In a rare, favorable alignment of the stars and planets, our schedules actually allowed our whole family to attend the March concert. Afterward, we decided to take advantage of this family time and go out to dinner at the newly reopened Chuckwagon restaurant. It was delicious, and we had a great time together.

Jacob, Mary, Dylan, and Sarah

We love these opportunities to celebrate together with family, food, and music!

A beautiful spring sky on an evening in the White Mountains.
March 10, 2014

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