Monday, December 28, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

A realtor in our town hosted an interesting display before Christmas. Businesses and other buildings from Show Low to Pinetop-Lakeside were invited to submit gingerbread houses representing their properties. They got a huge response and set up the little "community" in their offices for the public to view.
I didn't go myself, but Jacob went and took pictures for me. Here are some of his favorites.
Jacob actually helped make this gingerbread barn in his Culinary Arts class. This old tumble-down barn is probably the most famous landmark in Lakeside. Located on a hill above a curve in the highway just before you come to the tiny downtown area, this barn and a crumbling round retaining wall (see the m&m wall to the left) have been captured on canvas by hundreds of painters. You see them all the time at craft fairs and in restaurants and other businesses...and now in the gingerbread house display! And yes, the old horses still use the barn. Nice job, students!
Some of the gingerbread houses are great replicas of the actual businesses, and some bear no resemblance at all. This one gets my award for best likeness. I'd have known it was Skier's Edge even if it weren't identified by the sign!
McDonalds also captured their building's look quite well.
The Lakeside Fire Department's gingerbread firehouse is beautiful, but it looks a little different. For instance, the door is on the left instead of the right. Love the fire engine, though!
KFC looks pretty good, but I think McDonalds trumped them.
This gingerbread business is the spitting image of Darbi's Cafe. How many times have we walked up that ramp and through their front door? I like how they managed to work their phone number into the piece!
Another restaurant we frequent is Mama Bears. In fact, Jacob worked there during the summer of 2006. It is owned by our friend and local celebrity, Jineane Ford Ross. She was Miss America in 1980, had a brief acting career, and then became well known in Arizona as a TV newswoman in the Phoenix area for about 20 years. She is now "retired," but still active in local events, as well as running the restaurant and the lodge to which it is attached (the oldest log lodge in Arizona).
Having said all that, this cute little gingerbread house bears absolutely NO resemblance to the actual restaurant! (And, oh yeah, her husband Kerry is a firefighter at the Lakeside Fire Department, seen above.)
Our Child Development students observe at the Montessori School every semester, but I've never been there, so I have no idea if it looks like its gingerbread namesake. I like their clever use of gum for the roof. It looks like the metal roofs many buildings are now opting to use, since they won't ignite in the event of a forest fire.
I've never eaten at Cafe Bocado, but this looks like the building I see from the highway as I drive by. It's a fairly new establishment in an old building. Nice job on the porch railing!
This is the radio station. I haven't been to their new building yet, though Jacob has been there many times to do radio spots to advertise SADD Club events. My friend Crystal and another friend Cam also work there. I'll have to ask them sometime if this is an accurate representation of their new station.
Finally, White Mountain Recreation Center in White Mountain Country Club. It's been ages since I've been there, probably when I chaperoned Prom there back in the '90s. I seem to recall it looked something like this, but I can't say for sure.
I hope you enjoyed this little visit to our community!


Jill said...

Talk about creative! The McDonalds one cracks me up. And the cafe with the phone #! We still have not made ours. Last year it was February so this year I'm shooting for January. Elora doesn't care, she loves doing one anytime.

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