Friday, November 11, 2011

Into the Frying Pan

Just a quick entry for anyone who was curious about our strange Mutt and Jeff eggs, which Ed fried up this morning. 

The tiny little olive-green egg (which, oddly enough, was exactly the size of a green olive) is visible at the very top left of the pan.  It didn't really have a yolk, just some yellow swirls.  Ed ate that one and said it was good.

The huge brown egg did indeed have a double-yolk, which you can see in the center of the pan.  I ate that egg as well as the normal-sized egg below it.  Yesterday we actually got a second big, long brown egg almost exactly the same size and shape as this one, so we must have one hen who likes to produce extra extra large eggs!

In fact, today Ed collected a total of ten eggs!  We have ten hens, so that means they are all laying now!  Before today, we never got more than five in a single day.

I don't think Ed had the frying pan hot enough before he cracked in the eggs, causing them to spread out so milky-looking like that.  I'm afraid it didn't appear too appetizing to me.  I told him I'm going to do the frying tomorrow morning.  I haven't had a chance to cook any of the fresh eggs yet.   I want to see if they cook up any differently when I fry them the old-fashioned Butler way, in plenty of hot, bubbling butter!

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Mary said...

Yesterday I did fry up some of our fresh eggs (including the second huge brown one, which also had a double-yolk) in hot bubbly butter. As I'd hoped, they came out perfectly, with nicely defined edges. They were absolutely the most delicious eggs I'd ever tasted!