Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Wedding Luncheon

30 July 2011: Callie, Chris the groom, Dylan, Sarah the bride, Makayla, and Celesta.

The wedding luncheon was an informal affair.  Just some homemade eats to share with the wedding party, out-of-town guests, our close friends, and our beloved family members.

As you can see, we fed a good-sized crowd!

The meal was nothing fancy, but I spent 2 days preparing it!  We had the makings for tuna salad and ham-and-cheese sandwiches, along with homemade pasta salad and potato salad.  We also served potato chips, tortilla chips with salsa, and cheese-and-crackers.

30 July 2011: My 4-year-od niece Callie and my new son-in-law Chris!

We expected the luncheon to last only an hour or so, but we all had so much fun visiting and relaxing together that, before we knew it, it was almost time for the ring ceremony and reception to begin!  We had to tear ourselves away to finish up the last minute tasks before the rest of the guests began to arrive.

My sister Karla and my husband Ed share a special moment.

My step-mom Kathy, my dad Myron, my sister-in-law Dana,
and my cousin Sandra and her husband Albert.

Chris's Uncle John and Aunt Linda in the front.  Beyond Linda are
Chris's mom Brenda (Linda's sister) and step-dad Bruce.

My niece Genevieve with her son Max and my niece Brianna.

My niece Elyssa and her little sister Addison.

My niece-in-law Cami, my niece Mariah (the photographer),
and my nephew Julien.

My nephew Justin and three of his sisters: Elsie, Emma, and Brinley.

Next up will be the ring ceremony, but I didn't take any pictures at that event.  So that post will have to wait until we get the remainder of the wedding pictures from our photographer.  Stay tuned! 

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