Thursday, November 24, 2011


16 Nov 2011: Dylan (age 14) in front of the George Gardner
Performing Arts Center after the big concert in Holbrook, AZ.

My son Dylan made the regional orchestra this year!  After weeks of daily practice at school, Dylan and other classmates headed to Holbrook, our county seat about an hour's drive away, for a full day of rehearsals.  That evening Ed, our son-in-law Chris, and I drove up to Holbrook to watch the final production.  (My daughter Sarah stayed at home to fight off a cold.)

Dylan is on the far right side of the stage, the 3rd bass player from the right.

The regional music festival features the best singers and musicians from many school districts throughout the northeastern section of Arizona.  We were treated to selections by a choir of 160 junior high students, pieces performed by about 60 orchestra students, and numbers played by about 60 band members.  These kids were amazing! 

Dylan is 3rd bass player from right.

I didn't find out until the next day that my niece Emma also performed at regionals, singing in the choir!  It was such a huge crowd (both the choir and the audience) that we never saw her.  She was also unaware that we and Dylan were there that night.  Dylan was quite bummed out that he and his cousin spent a whole day on the same campus and never saw each other.

Fitting Dylan's bass into the back of our small car was quite a trick!

It was quite a night!  I'm so proud of Dylan and the way he works hard to develop his musical talents!

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