Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Memorial

This morning we attended a very touching memorial for someone our family hadn't known for too long.  My son-in-law Chris's step-dad passed away almost two weeks ago.  After a long fight with cancer, Bruce Anderson left this world on October 24th.

Chris and his four sisters share the telling of their dad's life story.

Chris has a good relationship with his natural father, but Bruce is the man who was in Chris's home and in his life everyday from the time Chris was only two years old.  Bruce had two teenage daughters when he met and married Chris's mom Brenda.  Brenda had two small children of her own, Chris and his sister Sara.  Together, Bruce and Brenda had another child, Chris's younger sister Lori.

My daughter Sarah and a relative of Chris's perform a duet
while Chris's Uncle John holds the music flat against the breeze.

Bruce was a great outdoorsman and loved nature, so it seemed only right to have his memorial outdoors.  It was held in the backyard of their home, which holds so many things Bruce created and built.  He was quite a craftsman.

Some of Bruce's grandchildren and grand-nieces and -nephews sing "I Am a Child of God."

We were hoping for continued unseasonally warm weather for today, but after yesterday's snow it was quite chilly.  In fact, there was still snow on the trees.  But there were several fire pits burning in the yard to ward off some of the chill, and the cold did not detract from the beautiful spirit.

Chris shares some memories of his step-dad.

Dylan and Sarah at the back of the crowd, listening to Chris's comments.

Bruce had many loving family and friends who will miss him.

In happier times: Bruce with Chris and Brenda at Chris's birthday party.

Sarah and Chris met one year ago this month.  We met Brenda a couple of times soon after their engagement in February, but we didn't meet Bruce until the end of March, when we attended Chris's birthday party in their home.  We've had several opportunities to visit with Bruce since that day.  What a good man he was and, I know, continues to be.  God be with you, Bruce, until we all meet again.

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