Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An Arizona Century

The Grand Canyon

Exactly 100 years ago today, Arizona became the 48th state of the United States of America.  That's right, on Valentine's Day 1912. 

When I moved to Arizona almost 32 years ago, in March 1980, I was less than thrilled.  I loved my native state of California and I felt nothing could compare to it in beauty.  Arizona seemed so stark and barren, so inhospitable.

I only knew a small taste of Arizona at that time.  Over the years, I have come to know the contrasting forms of magnificence found throughout my adopted state, and that is what I celebrate today: the beauty of Arizona, our home.

Monument Valley

Havasu Falls

Organ Pipe National Monument

The red rock of Sedona

Lake Powell

The Petrified Forest

Oak Creek Canyon

The Painted Desert

Meteor Crater

A rainbow over the desert (with petroglyphs)

Montezuma Castle

Sunset over the desert

And, of course, my beloved White Mountains, our home.

Arizona is known as "The Grand Canyon State."  As you can see, she is that, and much, much more.

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