Saturday, February 4, 2012

Beehives Are Beautiful!

18 Jan 2012: Beehives are beautiful!

Since July, I've had the pleasure of working with the 12- and 13-year-old girls in our church youth group.  They are called Beehives, and they are beautiful young ladies.

Two weeks ago, one of our Beehives--who has been taking Karate lessons for years--volunteered to teach some karate moves to the rest of the group.  Wow, did they have a great time.

It really came to life after the camera came out!  At their insistence, I took at least 50 shots of the girls as they showed off their best moves and worked hard to be caught on-camera with gravity-defying leaps.  They did an awesome job!

The High School Musical pose.

Oh, to have all that youthful energy again!

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Grandma Honey said...

You really captured some great in action shots!