Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sledding and Fishing

18 Feb 2012: Dylan (age 14) and his friend Marcus (age 16)
waiting in front of our church stake building.

Two hours ago I dropped my son Dylan off at the church to join the annual youth sledding activity.  Once a year the kids head up to "the old ski run," which I assume is near Sunrise Ski Resort on the nearby Apache reservation, and they spend about 6 hours sledding and snowboarding.  Dylan isn't much into sledding, but he's a gifted snowboarder.

Dylan is inside the backseat window of the black truck on the left.

I expected to be going along to help drive a car full of kids to their destination, but when I arrived I found 5 men ready and rarin' to go with 5 big trucks all warmed up and engines running.  Not another adult female in sight.

Dylan waits with two more friends, McKay and Spencer, to take off.
I asked them if their moms ever embarrass them the way I do Dylan.
They both replied very sarcastically, "Noooo, never."

Not too many female youth in sight either.  Below is a shot of the lone, brave 4 girls who joined the trip (with about 20 guys).

Three of my Beehives: Marissa, Julianne, and Amelia; and Melanie, a Mia Maid.

I didn't realize that there was no parking near the old ski run.  I was surprised to see three snowcats on trailers, ready to be hauled along with the youth.  When I asked Dylan about it, he replied, "Well, how did you think they get us all back in to the slopes?"  (I love how teens can't figure out why we adults aren't as smart as they are!)

A member of our bishopric, Brother Berges, prepares to haul kids and snowcats.

Grant Berges, first counselor in our ward bishopric, assured me that they had enough room for the kids, so I could go home, which I gladly did.  Yes, there are a few things I can use the extra time to take care of today, such as this week's shopping, but I particularly enjoy having a nice, quiet house to myself for a few hours now and then.

You see, my hubby is gone on his own grand adventure today.  He and Robert Holden are off boating and fishing at Roosevelt Lake for the day.  They actually left at 4:30 this morning.  Not being a morning person or a fisherman, I think that's nuts!  I did, however, rouse myself enough to kiss Ed good-bye.  He was really looking forward to this trip! 

I found this cool map online.  They were planning to fish the east end
where the Salt River feeds the lake, the area called "Schoolhouse."
Supposedly that's where the fish are really biting right now.

I think it's a 2-hour drive south-southwest to Roosevelt Lake, where the elevation is lower, the temperature is warmer, and the terrain is desert.  I've camped there a few times in the past when I was married to my first husband, Mark, another avid fisherman.  It's not my favorite lake.  I prefer mountain lakes, with trees and shade and cooler temperatures.   

An aerial view of the lake and Roosevelt Dam.

I learned some things while researching for this post today.  For instance, Roosevelt Lake is the oldest artificial reservoir in Arizona.  It was created when Roosevelt Dam was built, from 1904 to 1911.  When filled to capacity (it was 90% full in 2005, the fullest it has ever been thus far), the lake covers 21,500 acres, making it the largest lake that is wholly inside Arizona (not sharing shoreline with any other state). 

From the dam, the river winds on down to feed Apache Lake, Canyon Lake, and Saguaro Lake before it reaches the Phoenix area.  I have spent time at each of those lakes and tubed down various parts of the river, back when I was younger, fitter, and more daring.  It was at Canyon Lake that I was stung by a scorpion while night-fishing with Mark and a friend.  Gadzooks, what a memory! 

So here's hoping for a day filled with soaring jumps and daring flips (but no broken limbs) for my son, and a boat filled with big fish, relaxation, and good talk (but no heat stroke) for my husband and Robert!  I can't wait to hear about all of their adventures tonight!

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