Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bryce and Brianna

30 June 2012: Brianna and Bryce recite their vows

Last year, during the summer of 2012, my niece Brianna married her long-time boyfriend Bryce. I attended the wedding and reception and took a ton of pictures, but I never did blog the experience. Two days after their wedding, we left on our month-long, cross-country trip to New York, and life was simply too hectic after that.
I can't very well blog about Brianna's sister Celesta's wedding this past weekend and then fail to share this beautiful wedding from last year! So here it is, almost 17 months later...

Brianna and Bryce share a kiss while the bridesmaids look on.

The bridesmaids admire Brianna's wedding ring.

Brianna and her bridesmaids

I don't know the two bridesmaids on the left, but the rest are Brianna's sisters: Mariah, Elyssa, Celesta, and Gabrielle (Gabby).

The Bride and Groom with the family of the bride

Brianna's beautiful wedding gown and train

Brianna and Bryce share their first dance as a married couple.
I am just fascinated by wedding cakes! This one is so very elegant!

Bryce and Brianna cut their wedding cake.

It was a lovely wedding, but it is long since over. So long, in fact, that Bryce and Brianna have a gorgeous little son named Carson! I just might have a picture of him and his mom from his Aunt Celesta's wedding...

Brianna and her son Carson
What a handsome little guy!


Grandma Honey said...

I looked for Callie….I know she must be there, but where?

Mary said...

Callie was present at both Brianna's and Celesta's weddings, but I didn't get pictures of her. I'll try to catch her on film if we all get together at Christmas. All the little children in the family shot are Karla's grandkids, but Callie is Jeff's.