Sunday, November 24, 2013

Riley and Celesta

23 Nov 2013: Newlyweds Riley and Celesta Wakefield
emerge from the Mesa Arizona Temple

Our family enjoyed a weekend trip to the Valley to celebrate yesterday's wedding of my niece Celesta and her beloved Riley. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the very happy couple.

Celesta's mom (my sister Karla) takes care of some readjustments
before the official photographer gets started.

Celesta enjoys some tomfoolery with the groomsmen on the temple grounds.
After 2 days of constant rain, those grounds were very soggy!

The bridesmaids are dazzled by Celesta's wedding ring bling.

The bridesmaids gaze adoringly upon the studly groom, Riley!

Our family has its photogenic moment with the bride and groom:
Dylan, Aunt Mary (me!), Riley, Celesta, Sarah, and Chris.
Jacob wasn't able to join us due to his heavy double-work schedule.

These shots were taken just before the reception started.
The bride and groom with Celesta's entire family:
Brian (dad), Mariah, Jeremy, Brianna, Julien, Addison,
Riley, Celesta, Gabrielle, Joshua, Karla (mom), Genevieve, and Elyssa.

Celesta with all 6 of her sisters:
Mariah, Brianna, Addison, Celesta, Gabby, Genevieve, and Elyssa.

Celesta with all 3 of her brothers:
Julien, Josh, Celesta, and Jeremy.

The bride and groom escape amid a sea of bubbles and well-wishes.
They are heading to a 4-day honeymoon in Sedona, Arizona.
It was a beautiful wedding and a fun reception. I'm so glad we got to be there to celebrate with Riley and Celesta and spend time with family and friends. We had an amazing time!

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