Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Love This Business

This is my favorite place to take my car for routine maintenance and repairs. Auto issues can be intimidating for a single mom with minimal money and no comprehension of what's under the hood. But when I come here, I know I'll be treated right. Not only are their prices fair, but they often go the extra mile and charge me nothing for it.
Once I got an entire oil change, including the oil at their cost, and they told me it was on the house. Just a couple of weeks ago one of my headlights died. I bought a new bulb and took it to my dad, who couldn't get to the bad bulb to replace it, so we drove over to Sunrise Tire. Within 10 minutes we were in and out, and we left with both headlights burning brightly. "No charge," I was told.

19 Nov 2013: My car gets a checkup

Yesterday I took my car in and asked them to check all the fluids, the filters, the tires, the brakes, and the funny hesitation in the motor that had just started that morning. With all those potential things to fix, they could have made some decent money off my ignorance.
The mechanic took my car right in and got straight to work. He reported that everything looked fine. All I needed was an oil change and new oil filter. He also recommended rotating my tires because the front tires were wearing faster than the back. I'd probably want a new air filter and fuel filter next time I come in for an oil change, he added.
So I got the oil change and my tires were rotated. They also topped off my washer fluid and blew the brake dust off my rear brakes for no extra cost. My car ran noticeably smoother as I drove away, all for less than $50. Yep, love this business!

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