Tuesday, November 19, 2013


19 Nov 2013: Dylan (age 16) displays his banner

Both my sons had opportunities to be creative this week. Today Dylan went on a job shadow required by one of his vocational classes. His career goal is to become a video game designer, but there are no such businesses here in our rural area. So he and his friend Mary elected to go to High Country Signs.

There they spent 3 hours watching the employees (including my long-time friend Paul Fish) do their jobs and getting some hands-on experience. Dylan and Mary each got to design and create their own banners and ended up with two pretty awesome signs to hang in their rooms. Dylan said the hardest part was having to sew the heavy plastic to finish off the banner.

He, of course, chose to put his favorite new Xbox game on his banner. Call of Duty: Ghosts came out a couple of weeks ago and Dylan was among the first in line to purchase it (with a little assist from his older brother). Now he can hang that lovely, creepy skull right over his bed...

18 Nov 2013: Jacob (age 22) prepares to leave for singles home evening;
you can see in his eyes how tired he is working 2 jobs!

Jacob actually had all day yesterday off. It was the first time in 3 weeks he didn't have to work at least one of his two jobs. That meant he got to attend the singles home evening activity, which was a dinner. Since his friend Bryn volunteered him to provide dessert, Jacob spent the afternoon whipping up oatmeal-Reeses Pieces cookies and toffee turtle bars.

18 Nov 2012: Jacob's culinary wizardry

When Jacob returned home last night, I asked him, "So did you meet my future daughter-in-law tonight?"
He gave me a pleased grin and replied, "Well, there was this one girl..."
Hmmm. I think I'll stay tuned...

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