Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Morning, Christmas Night

Jacob watches Dylan peel back layers of boxes and bags as he opens a gift from Jacob.

We started Christmas morning a little after 7am. Ryan and Shera were awake and waiting for the first signs of someone else stirring. When I got up and started opening curtains, Shera couldn't stand it any longer. She ran into Jacob and Dylan's room and woke them up, saying loudly, "It's Christmas!" and scaring the bee-jeepers out of Dylan!

Dylan is very pleased with the gift of a new cell phone from his brother.

We gathered in the living room, divvied up the stacks of presents, and began opening them from youngest to oldest. I always think it's more fun to watch the others open their gifts than it is to open my own.

Shera and Ryan get ready to plunge into their wrapped stack.

Shera reacts to their favorite gift: a pair of e-cigarettes.

To explain: Ryan and Shera have begun studying the LDS religion and made the decision on Monday night to be baptized. Before their baptism date (possibly January 18th) they plan to be married and to quit smoking. Ryan has nearly quit already, but Shera was nervous about it. This will help them get a good start on that goal.

After opening their own gifts at home, Chris and Sarah came over at 8:30 to open our mutual gifts together. The charcoal pencil portrait of them was my gift to them. I tried really hard to keep costs down this Christmas!

After opening our gifts, Ryan volunteered to make us all some ham, sausage, and cheese omelets. They were quite delicious! 

Jacob and Chris play with their electronic toys while eating breakfast. Sarah got Chris an iPad for Christmas, which he was extremely excited about. After breakfast, Jacob headed to Snowflake to meet his girlfriend Danielle's family and spend the day with them.

My haul:
From Dylan: a poster from The Hobbit for my classroom
From Jacob: a new purse; speakers for my computer; and a set of charcoal art pencils
From Sarah and Chris: a set of tableware (I love it!)
From Ryan and Shera: the "Family Rules" canvas and a box of cinnamon animal cookies
From my principal: a fancy pen engraved with my name
From an anonymous giver: the red apple ornament
And from myself: 6 Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolate candies!

Jacob's haul:
From Mom: A Babycakes cupcake maker; earphones; a scary DVD; and chocolate cherries
From Sarah and Chris: a pair of Air-soft pistols and a DVD (Limitless)
From Ryan and Shera: a recipe box with cookie and brownie mixes; and a box of animal cookies

Dylan's haul:
From Mom: an electric shaver; 50 Microsoft points; a Minecraft calendar; M&Ms; chocolate cherries
From Jacob: a cell phone and his first month of unlimited calls, texts, and Internet
From Sarah and Chris: a pair of Air-soft pistols and a DVD (Fun Size)
From Ryan and Shera: 15 Microsoft points (for Xbox); and a box of animal cookies

Ryan and Shera's haul:
From Mary: a fireproof safe (and Shera's candy-pooping reindeer from her stocking)
From Dylan: the fishing tee-shirt that Ryan is wearing; and a necklace and earrings for Shera
From Jacob: the e-cigarettes (went halves on it with Mary); slippers; and socks for both
From Sarah and Chris: box of chocolates for Ryan and nail polish/nail dryer for Shera

Sarah and Chris's haul:
From Mom: a hand-drawn charcoal sketch of their wedding day in a pewter frame
From Jacob: a fleece blanket featuring cute puppies for Sarah; a Leatherman multi-tool for Chris
From Ryan and Shera: the "Family Rules" canvas for Sarah; 3 DVD movies for Chris; and
            2 boxes of cinnamon animal cookies
Sarah gave Chris an iPad; Chris gave Sarah the heart necklace she is wearing, plus a bracelet

Left to right: Sarah, Chris, Kathy, Myron (my dad), Dylan,
Jacob, Danielle, Ryan, and Shera

The rest of our morning was quiet. We puttered around and relaxed. Shera has been missing her family in Missouri, so we set up an account to allow her to Face-Time her children and other relatives in Poplar Bluff. It was very sweet to see how excited her 3 little boys were to see their mom on their iPad screen. Now they can talk face-to-face whenever they want to!

Then at 2:30 I started the ham. At 4:30 Shera and I prepared the rest of the meal. At 5:00 my dad and Kathy arrived, and then Jacob and Danielle got here around 5:30. We finally gathered for dinner  before 6:30.

The menu: glazed ham; mashed potatoes and gravy (both homemade); green bean casserole; buttered corn; green salad with Parmesan, red wine vinegar, and olive oil; cranberry relish; rolls; and 3 kinds of beverages. It was all yummy and the conversation was loud, friendly, and fun.

Jacob with his girlfriend Danielle. We so enjoyed having her with us!
She loves to laugh, gives back as good as she gets, and seems to fit right into our madness!

After dinner we visited and watched movies and snacked on Kathy's jello salad, Shera's chocolate-cherry dump cake, and Sarah's and my Christmas fudge. Then the carb crash made us all long to take a nap!

We had a wonderful Christmas Day of family togetherness. I hope you and your loved ones made happy memories, too!

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Grandma Honey said...

Excellent job on that portrait! That will mean even more to them as the years pass.