Thursday, December 12, 2013

First Christmas Concert

11 Dec 2013: Dylan (age 16) and his bass

Having 2 children who are musically inclined means having 2 Christmas concerts to look forward to every year. This year Dylan's concert came first. Last night Sarah, Chris, Ryan, Shera, and I got to go watch him perform along with several other very talented groups of young musicians and singers.

11 Dec 2013: Jacob and Chris enjoy a fundraising dinner

We started the evening with a Chinese dinner put on by the orchestra to raise funds for their trip in March. They'll be enjoying several days in San Diego, California, as well as competing at Sea World against other orchestras from across the nation.

This is me with my Chinese dinner. If I look tired, it's because Jacob and Ryan stayed up until 4:00 that morning watching movies on Netflix! 

The food came from my favorite Chinese restaurant, China Wok.
That's General Tso chicken. Mmm!
Unfortunately, due to timing and jobs, only Jacob, Chris, and I were able to make it to the dinner. But then we all made it to the concert except Jacob, who had to go to work that night.

Dylan is at far right with his Santa hat and his bass
The concert lasted nearly 2 hours, but it was excellent. Dylan's conductor, Theresa Dick ("Ms. D"), saved Dylan's chamber orchestra for last because she said they were the strongest performers. Which says a lot, because everyone was so awesome! 

The other high school performers included Harmonic Vision, the 100-voice choir . . .

. . . and the all-female group Sprezzaturas . . .

. . . and finally, the Harmonies, a jazz choir.

There's a lot of talent at Blue Ridge High School! Next, we'll have Sarah with the White Mountain Symphony Orchestra on Sunday!

Here's a short clip of the final number of the evening. You can really hear Dylan on bass!

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