Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Few More

Dylan and his mom onstage right after she handed his diploma to him.
May 27, 2016

The two main graduation photographers for Blue Ridge High on Friday night were Susan Moffitt and Chris Paxman. I was pleased when I checked my school emails yesterday to find that Susan had already sent me the pictures she had taken of Dylan at graduation. Here they are, shared with you as promised.

Now we're just waiting on Chris's pictures, which should be posted online soon. He took the shot of Dylan posing alone at the edge of the stage, proudly displaying his new purple diploma folder. That one will be ordered as a 5x7 print to go on the wall between the photos of Sarah and Jacob in their caps and gowns. Then my collection will be complete!

Dylan and Tayler march to the processional while
Mary films them (wearing gray, at right).

Dylan listens to the speakers, awaiting his big moment.

Soon I'll post Dylan's senior pictures, provided by the Carter family's favorite photographer, Eugene Prestwich. Sarah was his very first high school senior client, when he first bought his fancy new camera, eight years ago! In fact, I'm thinking I will make a new album on my Facebook page, featuring my favorite senior picture poses for all three of my children. 

Meanwhile, I got a bigger frame to go on the shelf behind my desk at work
and put into it my favorite senior pics for both Dylan (on the right) and Jacob (on the left).
Sarah's best four senior pics are in a separate frame further to the left, on another shelf.
It still cracks me up that both my sons wore the same plaid shirt for their pictures,
six years apart!

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