Friday, May 20, 2016

All Done

Doing "The Walk" in the halls of the elementary school.
Dylan is the tall one behind the four girls in front.
(I don't know who emailed me this picture, but thank you!)
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

That's it. He's done. Dylan is all finished with high school and is beside himself with joy at the prospect of never having to sit through another high school class for the whole rest of his life.

Yesterday was the last day Dylan will ever eat lunch with his friend Mary
in my classroom. Sad face (me)... Thursday, May 19, 2016

Oh, he hasn't graduated yet. That will be one week from tonight, and we are all very excited for it. Jacob and Danielle are even coming all the way from their home in Utah to be there. And I'm working up my courage to be on the stand to hand my youngest child his diploma. 

That's one of the cool traditions of Blue Ridge. When the child of a district staff member graduates, they are encouraged to join him or her onstage to present them with their diploma. I got to hand both Sarah and Jacob their diplomas (in 2008 and 2010), and it will be an honor to place Dylan's diploma in his hand, too. It's a little nerve-wracking, though: Will I get up on the stage in time? Will I trip over the steps? Will I knock the superintendent off the stand? Yet I look forward to being there with my son for his all-important moment.

Dylan couldn't resist putting this jubilant scrawl on my whiteboard
on his last day of school. He made my underclassmen jealous.

On Wednesday, the seniors brought their caps and gowns to school and did a "Graduate Walk" through the elementary school while the little students clapped and cheered. The idea is to inspire those kids to hang in there until they earn their own diplomas someday.

On Thursday, the seniors attended their last day of classes. Unfortunately, the rest of us still have a week of school left, but the seniors are done. On Sunday, Dylan will board a bus and depart on the Senior trip to Southern California's beaches and Disneyland. They will return by noon on Thursday, just in time for a full afternoon of graduation practice. And then Friday is their big day, the one they spent thirteen years preparing for.

And they are just a little bit elated about it!

Senior pictures of all three of my children now adorn the shelf behind my desk.
Courtesy of Eugene Prestwich, the Carter family photographer!

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