Monday, May 9, 2016

Merry Mothers Day

Dylan and Mary and a bowl of tuna on Mothers Day 2016.

As they always do, my children brought their best game on Sunday to make Mothers Day memorable for me. The morning was quiet, since both Mark and Jake worked early and Dylan is a late sleeper (like I used to be). After I dropped Mark off for work, I spent the morning on my computer. Later, when I went out looking for some breakfast, I ran into Dylan in the hall.

"Hey," I teased, "where's my breakfast in bed?" He grinned at me. "You know I can't cook," he responded. "But I'll make you a tuna sandwich." I reminded him that I can't eat bread on my low-carb diet, but some tuna salad did sound good. He asked what I'd like in it, and soon he was whipping up a bowl of tuna studded with chunks of celery and green onion.

Perhaps for most people, this exchange might not seem like a big deal. My youngest child, though, isn't joking when he says he doesn't cook. (Which is ironic since his older brother, Jacob, is an amazing chef who'd like to open his own restaurant someday.) Dylan is great at making toast and sandwiches and bowls of cereal. If he's convinced he's hours away from death by starvation, he is capable of making packaged ramen soup or macaroni-and-cheese. And he does make some really tasty no-bake cookies. However, I have never seen him chop vegetables. And I have never seen him offer to do it so cheerfully!

And so we had some mother-and-son bonding time over a bowl of tuna salad yesterday morning, chatting at the kitchen table while he ate his tuna sandwich and I enjoyed mine as two small lettuce wraps. It was a pleasant way to start the day.

Gifts of love from my family. They are so awesome!

After Mark and Jake got home from work and Chris and Sarah joined us later in the afternoon, Sarah decided she couldn't wait any longer for me to open my presents. Mark gave me a sweet card. He told me he also wanted to get me a new wind chime to add to my collection on our front porch, but they didn't have any more for sale at the only store he can walk to during his break at work. I love that he thought of something I enjoy so much.

Knowing how much I love science fiction and knowing how much Sarah and I enjoyed reading The Fifth Wave and its sequel The Infinite Sea (and waiting for the third and final book, The Last Star, to come out next month), Dylan and Jake gave me two DVDs, 2012 and The Fifth Wave. I love it!

Often the messages on the envelopes are as meaningful as those on the cards themselves.
Dylan wrote: "McMother for being the best at your job of family."
Apparently McMother is the name of the award he'd like to give me!

My daughter-in-law Danielle sent me a sweet text from Utah earlier in the day, and later Jacob called to wish me happy Mothers Day. He told me, "Remember that perfect Mothers Day gift I wanted to get you a long time ago?" "The one you saw while you guys were in Vegas on your honeymoon a year and a half ago?" I asked. "Yeah," he replied. "I've been drooling over it ever since, and I was finally able to get it for you. I've decided I'll bring it to you when we come down for Dylan's graduation." "Great," I groaned. "I've been wondering what it is for over a year, and now you're going to make me wait two more weeks!" I really am dying to know what this gift is, which he says is so perfect for me! 

A new Willow Tree figurine for my collection!
This one is called "Tapestry" and features gold foil, applied by hand.
"A tapestry of memories...beautifully woven, deeply loved."

From Sarah and Chris, I received a new figurine for my beloved Willow Tree collection, a tradition between my daughter and me. This lovely, glistening piece is called "Tapestry." Every side in incised with small, golden symbols of a full life. The more closely I looked at it, the more symbols I found. On the front you immediately notice a pair of hand prints, which reminds me of my children's hands, once so small. Then you see the little chair or rocker toward the bottom. Then the bird; then the tall willowy tree with deep roots; then the tiny gold ring. Various flowers (roses, daisies, sunflowers, lilies), branches, berries, and leaves fill in the spaces all around. Even in her hair there are flowers, a bouquet, and perhaps some feathers and a butterfly. It's a beautifully detailed work of art.

On her right side: a cozy little house; a bird in flight; a crescent moon; a
steaming mug; droplets (rain or tears?); a rose on her arm; a daisy at her elbow.

As the hours grew closer to dinner time, I announced that I hadn't planned anything for dinner. It was Mothers Day, after all! So everyone pulled together. Dylan and Jake ran to the store to buy steaks, where they had to ask the butcher to specially cut my favorite London broils; Mark grilled the steaks up perfectly; Sarah put together a big salad; and I mixed up some chocolate pudding (sugar-free, of course) so we could have pudding-in-a-cloud for dessert. It was a very satisfying meal!

On her back: a good book; a pomegranate; a leaping deer;
a hummingbird; a blazing sun in the sky; smiling lips;
maybe a pennant or two fluttering in the breeze.

In all honesty, I don't need a Mothers Day to remind me of how blessed I am to be a mother to these three wonderful children of mine. Just knowing that they care about me and enjoying their presence in my life would be more than enough. Nonetheless, I am grateful for this day each year to have my kids gather together to celebrate each other (because I couldn't be a mom without them!). Thanks for making it so special for me every year, Sarah, Jacob, and Dylan!

On her left side: a sunrise or sunset above low mountains, and
possibly the shore of a running river beneath; ocean waves; musical notes;
a pair of candles; the sun on her arm; a pair of wings; a bunch of grapes
on her shoulder; a warm heart of gold; and perhaps a pair of eyes.

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