Friday, August 27, 2010

Court of Honor

Dylan and his friend Eric by the false campfire.

On Wednesday night we attended the Boy Scout's Court of Honor.  It's their first Court of Honor since returning from Camp Geronimo a few weeks ago.

The meeting was quite well attended, filling the pavilion outside the church building.  One person who was unable to attend was Ed, who has been extremely ill with bronchitis ever since he returned last Thursday night from his Wyoming troop's Scout Camp in Bear Lake, Utah.  Ironically, he caught the bug from one of his Scouts, who was so sick he had to leave camp to be hospitalized.  Several of the other boys in Wyoming also became sick this week.

Ed loves scouting and had planned to attend the Court of Honor, but he just didn't have his strength back yet.  I'm pleased to report that today he was able to get out and about some.  He's finally showing real improvement.

When the Scoutmaster called the Scouts up to receive their awards from Camp Geronimo, we were amazed by how many they received.  They were busy boys at Scout Camp!  Dylan (at far right in the above picture) received 9 awards himself.  Jacob is no longer active in scouting, but he went along to Geronimo as a Scout leader this year.  He really enjoyed himself.

Mom (Mary) applauds Dylan's accomplishments.  When did he get taller than me?!

Next, the boys were called up individually to receive their other awards.  Dylan earned 11 merit badges and advanced 3 ranks!  I got to join him in front so he could pin me with his newest rank insignia.

The evening ended with refreshments, which took the form of this relief map of Camp Geronimo by Eugene, the Scout Committee chairman. The trees and tents were formed of rice crispy treats, with licorice tent ropes, pretzel poles, tootsie roll logs, and a jello lake, among other sweet surprises. 

What a fun evening!

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