Friday, August 6, 2010

You Missed the Spring Showcase!

May 4, 2010: Mary (age 55) and son Dylan (age 12) at Spring Showcase

On May 4th, Dylan and I attended the annual Spring Showcase at his middle school.  He starts junior high next week, so this was his final showcase.  My baby is growing up on me.  When did that happen?!

Dylan points to his landscape art.  I thought it was one of the best on the wall!

I loved the colorful landscape Dylan drew, and I was so looking forward to hanging it on his bedroom door (which faces into the kitchen).  Unfortunately, on the bus ride home something happened to it, leaving it wet and smeared.  Dylan was so unhappy with it that he threw it away.  I was so sad!

Dylan with his science project display

Dylan chose to do his science project on the effect of heat and cold on strawberries.  Suffice it to say that by the end of his experiment there were several fuzzy strawberries tucked away throughout our house!

Mary feels the love on Mother's Day.

Five days after the Spring Showcase, Mother's Day rolled around.  As usual, my children were very good to me.  Jacob bought me balloons, red roses, and a card that played "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago.  Sarah gave me a new Willow Tree figurine for my collection.  This little girl with braided hair holds a golden heart, and she is called "Keepsake."  She truly is a keepsake.  All of my treasured figurines are!

By this time, the clock was ticking.  Ed's and my first meeting was just 5 days away, and we were so anxious to meet!  The wait seemed endless...

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Jill said...

Artists seem to run in your family. Oh, and I have that keepsake willow tree too.