Thursday, August 5, 2010

What You Missed

During the whirlwind of meeting Ed, falling in love, getting married, moving households, going on a honeymoon, and taking our family vacation, a lot of fun events whizzed right past me before I could get them properly blogged.

Don't worry, though.  I still carry my camera everywhere I go and captured it all on disk.  This week I plan to share everything!

Hayden with her mom Dana and dad Jeff on 24 Apr 2010

To start us off, my niece Hayden's baptism was held way back on April 24th.  Besides being a special day in a person's life, a baptism is also a wonderful time for the family to gather together!

Hayden was baptized by her dad, my brother Jeff.

Jeff with his firstborn, Justin

Jeff and Dana's second-born, Ashley, with her boys Garrett and Gage

At left is Jeff and Dana's tenth child, Haley.
On the right is their number five child, Amber, with her first baby, Ian.

The youngest of Jeff and Dana's 13 children, three-year-old Callie Jayne.

Our Callie girl was so entertaining.  When the children got up in front to sing a baptism song, she was right there with them, enthusiastically swinging her arm in time to the music, just like a seasoned choir director!

My son Jacob with his little cousin, Callie

The night of Hayden's baptism was also the first time Ed and I spoke on the telephone.  I was so nervous all that day, waiting for his call! 

Me with my step-mom Kathy and my dad Myron

Belated congratulations to my dearest niece.  You were so beautiful in white, sweet Hayden!


Jill said...

First of all Dana looks way too young and beautiful to have all those kids. Hayden looks like a wonderful combination of both her mom and Dad. And little Callie, she has really grown since I "saw" her last.

Anonymous said...

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