Monday, August 23, 2010

The Trek

Jacob with his trek family.  He's in the blue shirt on the far right, front row.

Back in June, Jacob enjoyed taking part in his first Pioneer Trek, pushing a handcart for many miles in the high desert near our community.  We recently received these photos of his trek family from Ma and Pa Goodman, his trek parents.

It was Jacob's first trek, since he was just a few weeks too young when the last local Pioneer Trek took place in June 2005.  (Participants must be at least 14 years old.)  He said it was a great experience, even though it was physically demanding and sometimes emotionally trying.  When a Pony Express rider delivered mail from home, Jacob tells us he broke down and cried as he read the letters Ed and I had sent him. 

June 2005: 15-year-old Sarah in her new pioneer dress, apron, and bonnet.

Sarah was able to take part in the 2005 trek.  Her pretty new pioneer clothes didn't look so pristine when she returned, coated in dust and mud!  Like Jacob, she also had a spiritually moving experience on her trek, one she's never forgotten.

Sarah and Jacob each gained a new appreciation about how difficult life was for the pioneers who made their way across this untamed land.  It also helped them appreciate the blessings they enjoy now.  That's a lesson we can all keep in mind when we're tempted to grumble about the small things, like waiting in a long line or getting stuck in traffic.  Our lives are pretty wonderful when we take the time to stop and realize it.

I'm grateful for the strength and courage of my pioneer forefathers.  And I'm grateful that my trials don't include crossing the country on foot!


Darryl and Tamera said...

Yep, that sure brings a flood of gr8 memories of our trek in Utah. I remember Yolanda (I think that was her name) who disappeared on the midnight silent march when she feel in the ditch and didn't want to break the spirit of the silence. Good times you'll never forget.

Jill said...

What a tender heart Jacob has.
And Sarah looks like an authentic pioneer woman!