Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Picnic

My blog is finally back in real-time!  Just last night we decided to have a picnic at Woodland Park for our family home evening.  We picked up our good friend Gwen on the way, then we settled into a ramada and enjoyed chips, potato salad, soda, and hot dogs grilled by Jacob.

Sarah, Dylan (laying down), and Gwen wait for the "dogs" to be served.

Sarah and Diego walk by Woodland Lake.

Dylan rides his rip-stik on the ramada's cement floor.

Jacob and Dylan watch as Diego goes after the remote-control boat.

After dinner, we cleaned up the ramada and went down to the lake so Jacob could cruise his remote-control boat on the water.  Diego had us all in stitches when he barked madly at the boat, then turned tail and beat it out of there when it sailed toward him!

Diego runs for his life when the boat turns the tables on him!

We ended the evening by feeding the ducks some stale cereal and crackers Gwen had brought along.

Dylan, Gwen, and Sarah feed the ducks.

This final picture didn't come out as well as I'd have liked.  It was almost full dark, but the sunset in the distance was gorgeous and the water on the creek beneath the bridge was glowing faintly.  I tried a setting on the camera with a longer exposure time to let in more light, but without a tripod it got fuzzy.  With a little creative thought, you might imagine how beautiful it was.

We had a lovely visit and enjoyed the beauty all around us.  I could only have asked for one thing more: to have had my wonderful husband there at my side!  I miss you, my prince!

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