Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Callie Dances

My niece Callie is a walking miracle. In September 2008, when she was just 19 months old, she was in a tragic accident that left her barely clinging to life, with her tiny skull fractured in four places and a blood clot on her brain. She was immediately flown to Phoenix Children's Hospital, where she spent the next several months recovering. At first she was not expected to live. Then she was not expected to be able to walk, talk, or do anything the way a normal toddler would be expected to do.

Callie confounded all the naysayers and is now a beautiful, active, outgoing, sometimes sweet and sometimes sassy, funny seven-year-old. I thought I'd post this brief video of Callie dancing at Jacob and Danielle's wedding reception for all the many people who prayed and offered support during those frightening days of hospitalization. I know many have wondered how she's doing today.
At the reception while everyone was dancing, Callie asked me if she should take dancing lessons. I said, "Well, let's see. Show me how you dance." She proceeded to perform a lengthy, graceful dance routine, and I told her she had great talent and should absolutely take dancing lessons.
Then I asked her if she'd dance for me again so I could film her, and she happily agreed.
Unfortunately, I'd maxed out the memory card in my camera with a full day's worth of wedding events, so my camera shut down after only 24 seconds. Plus we're interrupted as the Bride and Groom walk behind our little dancer and tell me they're ready to leave, and I respond to them. Bad timing all around!
Even so, in 24 seconds it is clear just how well our little Callie Jayne beat the odds and is today a healthy, happy, lovely young lady!

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Grandma Honey said...

So precious! She has excellent coordination. Such an example of what faith and prayer can do.