Friday, June 13, 2014

Wedding Fun!

Jacob and Danielle's gorgeous wedding cake.

The wedding cake was actually made by Danielle's grandfather, who is almost 83. At first he declined their request, because a stroke several years ago had left one side of his body numb, but his soft spot for his granddaughter changed his mind. He did a marvelous job, and his generous culinary artwork will be treasured by Jacob and Danielle forever.

The blown-glass cake topper is a replica of the Snowflake Temple.

Danielle's grandparents, Paul and Margie, shared a fun story at the luncheon. After Margie's first husband (Danielle's grandfather) passed away, when Danielle was about seven years old, Margie met and fell in love with Paul. Paul, of course, made the wedding cake for his and Margie's own wedding.
One day, Paul and Margie were looking at pictures from her first wedding. When he saw the wedding cake, he said, "Hey, I made that cake!" Paul didn't remember the wedding itself, but he said he knows his cakes. Margie recalled going into his business and speaking to the baker, so Paul told her, "Then you spoke to me, because I was the only one who made the cakes."

Lovely swan and sugar-bell detail between the layers.
And the roses are amazing!

Sometimes we live in an incredibly small world! Paul told our gathering that he made both of his wife's cakes for her two weddings, but he promised Margie there will not be a third!

Jacob and Danielle prepare to cut the cake.

This traditional event always begins so sweetly... tenderly... carefully... lovingly...

...and then the Groom goes in for the kill!

Lucky for him the Bride is a good sport!

Oh, and the cake was DELICIOUS, by the way!

The Bride prepares to toss her throw-away bouquet.

There was some stiff competition for the bouquet as it sailed through the air!

The lucky bouquet-catcher was Danielle's Aunt Terri.

The Groom seemed a bit awkward as he fished around for the garter...

...but he finally located it!

Ready, set...

...shoot! Which lucky bachelor will get the garter?
Looks like most of them had their hands in their pockets.

The most deserving man got the prize! Jacob with his new brother-in-law, Sterling.
Looks like Sterling is thinking about entering the next phase of his life
since returning from his mission: finding his one-and-only eternal love!

For tomorrow's blog, we'll join the dancers on the dance floor and then see off the Bride and Groom as they head away to their wedding night. The sweet ending to a beautiful day!

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