Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dancing Into Forever

Father and daughter share a tender wedding dance...

At the end of the evening, Jacob and Danielle's wedding reception wound down with an hour of dancing, moving to a soundtrack put together by the Bride's dad, Kordell.

...and then the Groom cut in on Kordell and Danielle,
and claimed the rest of that dance and the next with his new Bride.

Eventually the Groom found his mother, took away her camera,
and led her out to the dance floor.

While Mary and Jacob finished their dance (and Kordell danced with his other daughter,
Maid of Honor Jordan), the dance floor opened up to everyone.

The dance floor was hopping all night long,
especially with so many high-energy children in attendance!
Tripping the light fantastic! (Does anyone say that anymore?)

When the Best Man claimed a dance with the Bride,
she really looked up to him!

Even when he got on his knees, Dylan was still nearly as tall as Danielle!

Sisters Jaycee and Brooke (my great-nieces)  had a great time.

I think my niece Mariah and her boyfriend Dallin had fun, too.

Danielle dances with her new brother-in-law, Chris.

Jacob and Sarah have a brother-and-sister dance, which was part of a larger plot...
Although Chris always tries to get his wife to dance with him, Sarah always finds an excuse not to dance. So Chris asked Danielle to dance while Jacob went and dragged his sister onto the dance floor. It's harder to resist a determined brother who'll create an embarrassing scene if you refuse! Then, when both couples were out on the floor dancing, Jacob and Chris yelled, "Switch!" The Bride and Groom were reunited, and Chris finally got to dance with his wife. Sneaky boys!

Dylan and his friend Jessica took advantage of the dancing, too.

The reception was supposed to end at 9:00, but the dancing carried on until about 9:30, and the newlyweds seemed to be in no hurry to be on their way. We literally had to start dropping hints that it was time for them to go. When the guests lined up outside to see off the happy couple, they still dawdled inside for the longest time! 

Finally, Jacob and Danielle leave the building and head toward their car.

Best Man Dylan and several cousins had been busy outside, decorating the car.

Jacob's cousin Riley had to cut the ribbon around the doors
before they could even get inside.

When I saw this on the window, I said, "You wrote this one, didn't you, Riley?
And the ribbon around the car was your idea, too, wasn't it?"
"How does everyone always know which things were my idea?" he demanded.

The car was filled with balloons. Danielle moves them to the backseat.

And then, finally, they were off! They spent their first night together
in their own home, and the next day they departed for their Phoenix honeymoon.
(Jacob specifically requested the cans on the back of the car, but
we were all so disappointed when they didn't make any noise! Go figure.)

It was a week in the telling, but now you've experienced the joy of Jacob and Danielle's special day with us. They truly had a great start to their Happily Ever After!

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