Thursday, June 12, 2014


The Bride and Groom with their Maid of Honor and Best Man:
Danielle's lovely sister Jordan and Jacob's "little" brother Dylan.

Now it's time to share some of the happy faces that brightened up Jacob and Danielle's wedding reception on Saturday night. We'll start with members of the wedding party.

Jordan, Danielle, Jacob, and Dylan get cozy.

A very rare moment of seriousness.

The newlyweds head over to cut the cake
(but you'll have to wait until tomorrow's blog post for that one!).

I forgot to get the traditional picture of the bride's and groom's hands,
showcasing their shiny new wedding rings. So this one will have to do for now.
This was taken the day they bought Danielle's wedding ring.
It hadn't been resized yet, but you can see how beautifully it goes with her engagement ring.

Here we are trying to organize the reception line.
The problem was, none of us knew who was supposed to stand where!
In the end, we just faked it.

Bridesmaid Sarah; Maid of Honor Jordan;
Parents and brother of the Bride, Julie, Kordell, and Nathan;
and Bride Danielle with Groom Jacob.

Bride Danielle; Groom Jacob; Mother of the Groom, Mary;
Best Man Dylan; and Groomsmen Sean and Sterling.

Showing off my Mother of the Groom corsage!

Sarah with her Bridesmaid bouquet.

Sarah with one of her best friends, Emmi. Emmi was one of Sarah's bridesmaids.
In fact, Emmi and her husband Hal got married exactly one week after Sarah and Chris.

Sarah can usually be found with a baby in her arms. This 3-week-old bundle of joy
is the new little one of Sarah's cousin Elyssa and her husband Ross.

Dylan invited his friend Jessica to attend the reception with him.

My dad and step-mom, Myron and Kathy.

My niece Elyssa with her nephew Braxton and her mom (my sister), Karla.

My nephew Jeremy, his wife Cami, their toddler Lexi,
and baby Braxton hidden under the blanket.

My nephew Ross with his niece Lyla, in the middle of a cough!

My great-nephew Jaren (son of Jeremy and Cami);
my niece Celesta, who's expecting her first child in September;
and my son-in-law Chris (not sure who the little girl is. Jaycee maybe?). 

My niece Mariah is on the left, next to her boyfriend Dallin.

In back, my nephews Burke and Marcus. The ladies:
my sister-in-law Dana and my nieces Emma, Elsie, Haley,
Brianna, and Cami, with Cami's daughter Analyce in front.
Burke, Marcus, Emma, Elsie, and Haley are Dana's children.

My great-niece Makayla (Jeremy and Cami's daughter) 
with my niece Callie (youngest child of my brother, Jeff, and Dana).

My good friends Eugene and Wyndie, with their oldest son, Monte.

I wish I'd made time during the reception to snap more pictures of everyone there. I can see I missed a lot of people, especially from Danielle's side. Although, I admit that I try to be careful not to intrude so much on people who don't know me. All of my relatives already know and accept that Aunt Mary is the crazy blogger lady who'll most likely put their pictures up on the Internet for all the world to see!

I completely missed this picture from the temple, but I know Jacob will want it posted.
This is Sean, one of Jacob's best friends since they met at Camp Geronimo,
a BSA camp near Payson where they both worked one summer many years ago.
Sean's parents, Mitzi and Gale, let Jacob live with them in Winslow for a few months
after he returned from his mission, while he worked a temporary Walmart job there.

Tomorrow I'll post the pictures showing why all these faces were so happy, enjoying the traditional reception activities from cutting the cake to throwing the bouquet!

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Grandma Honey said...

It was really fun for me to see people I "know" and see how they are doing….like Jeremy and his family, and of course little Callie.