Monday, June 30, 2014

Pictures by the Professionals

Newlyweds Danielle and Jacob
7 June 2014

One fun surprise on Jacob's birthday 4 days ago was receiving a nice big album filled with more than 130 wedding pictures by the professional photographers. They did a wonderful job. 

I love how they fit the entire temple into the background.
I could never get that all into my camera's range.

Being the camera-happy blogger that I am, I already had similar shots of most of the photographers' photos, and I don't think they compare too unfavorably with the professionals' work, even with the limitations of my battered, 7-year-old digital camera. So I'm pretty happy with most of mine.

This is one of my favorites. So creative!

However, I missed one big portion of the photo session on the temple grounds. After all the group photos were done, the photographers took the bride and groom around the grounds for pictures of just the two of them, while the rest of us went on to the chapel to set up the luncheon and decorate for the reception. The professionals captured some beautiful moments on film that I want to share here.

The bride and groom's rings nestled in the flowers.

Now my biggest problem is this: which of these shall I have printed as an 8x10 to hang in the hall with the rest of the family pictures? They're all so gorgeous!

So sweet.

Oops! Jacob accidentally smiled!

Love the lavender flowers in the foreground.

Wish I'd thought of this closeup with the hands!

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