Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Morning After

8 June 2014: Jacob and Danielle came to breakfast the morning after their wedding.

My sister Karla and most of her family came up from the Valley to attend Jacob and Danielle's wedding. Ordinarily they all stay at my home--it's always a tight squeeze, yet so fun to have them--but this time they decided to do something different. They rented a large cabin about 3 miles away from my house.

The cabin rented by Karla and some of her adult children.

Karla's oldest daughter and her husband, Genevieve and Scott, spent Saturday night with us, and after we got home from the reception they got a call from their siblings letting us know that Jeremy and Cami had bought a lot of eggs and bread, and they planned to serve up a breakfast of French toast the next morning for anyone who wanted to come.

Jeremy spent the whole time in the kitchen, whipping up yummy French toast.

I sent Jacob a text to let him know about the breakfast, but I really didn't expect them to show up the first morning after their wedding night. Imagine my shock when they both walked into the cabin! When I expressed my surprise, Danielle just smiled and shrugged and nodded toward her new husband. Jacob's defense: "Hey, it's free food!" That's my son for you!

My nieces all comfy in their rental cabin.

One of the best things about a wedding is getting to see all the family who come to town for the event. And don't family get-togethers always seem to involve food?
My 2-enchilada plate at Dos Amigos.

So when Karla and her large crew drove up on Friday, the day before the wedding, we chopped up salads like mad and then decided to go out to dinner. Jeremy recommended trying this new Mexican restaurant not far from their cabin, called Dos Amigos (located where the Christmas Tree Restaurant used to be, for those of you who know the area).

We took over almost one whole room, about 6 tables.

My nephew Julien and son Dylan (both age 16),
and my soon-to-be-married son Jacob (age 22).

Someone has to make a goofy face in every picture...Jacob!

My daughter and son-in-law, Sarah and Chris.

My niece and her husband, Celesta and Riley, with their niece Makayla.
And that's Cami (Makayla's mom) trying to photo-bomb them from behind!

My nephew and his wife, Jeremy and Cami, with their new little one, Braxton.

And Braxton with his proud grandma, my sister Karla.

I just love family gatherings. And I love my family!

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